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Client FAQ's

Got a question? Why not use our chat function, or browse our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

What type of staff can I hire?

All the BuzzWorkers on BuzzHire’s platform have been screened and vetted in person before being approved for work. The minimum requirement to be on our platform is at least 1 month of experience in their respective roles.

In hospitality, we provide: 

  • Waiters
  • Kitchen Porters
  • Bartenders
  • Bar-Backs
  • Baristas
  • Mixologists
  • General event staff
  • Front of house, general retail staff

In delivery, we provide:

  • Vans
  • Cars
  • Scooters (standard box)
  • Scooters (pizza box)

All of our delivery drivers are fully insured and own their own vehicles. 


Can I contact the BuzzWorkers on my job(s)?

Yes - to contact the BuzzWorkers who have been confirmed on your shift, please do so directly via your BuzzHire dashboard on

Select Messages on the left panel and you will be presented with a list of staff who have been confirmed on your shift(s). 

Open each message individually to begin typing a message. 

Press enter on your keyboard to send the message. 

Replies from BuzzWorker(s) will appear on the thread and will also be sent to the email address listed on your BuzzHire account.


Can bookings be placed over the phone?

Bookings are usually submitted directly online via - however, if you are experiencing issues online, please contact BuzzHire directly on 020 3868 8628. We are open between 9am and 7pm everyday.


Do I pay staff directly for any additional hours?

BuzzHire handles all payments to BuzzWorkers. We strongly recommend that clients do not pay cash directly to staff.  Additional hours are calculated after the booking is complete and automatic charges are only made 24 hours after the start time of the shift.


I've been charged incorrectly

If you have been charged incorrectly, please reach out to us immediately via: