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£1.4bn rise of rapid grocery delivery services.

September 24, 2021 / Admin

Ultrafast grocery delivery services that deliver to customers in under 10 minutes… It sounds too good to be true.

The last 12 months have seen a rapid increase in grocery delivery companies, but these aren’t your typical grocery delivery services. With a growing frustration behind limited delivery slots and waiting times throughout the pandemic, it has opened a new gap in the market where consumers can receive their shopping within minutes of placing an order.

Online supermarket orders and deliveries have been around for some time now and each one brings its own challenge to each household. However, these new delivery services aim to make ordering a pint of milk or a packet of crisps as quick and natural as turning on your TV.

So who are these companies? 
The hot new market of fast track grocery services is taking the UK by storm. London has become a new battleground for many new grocery delivery services, including Gorillas, Zapp, Getir, Jiffy and Weezy. They are also expanding around the country, including major cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.

How does it work? 
This service is designed to be as simple, quick and easy as possible. You can choose from a large selection of items, just as you would in a supermarket. Simply select the items you need, be it a chocolate bar or ingredients for the spag bol you’re craving, check out, and you’ll receive them at your door in as little as 10 minutes.

This service is designed for everyone. The audience can range from students to the elderly to young professionals to busy parents, all wanting a quick meal or some last-minute ingredients they’d forgotten to add to their weekly shopping list.

Where are these companies based?
They are currently based in major cities. As these are built-up areas, the travel time is a lot less and there is a bigger market for them. It is unlikely they will ever cover the whole country, but watch this space, you never know.

Each of these companies has its own dark store, which usually stocks around 2,000 items tailored to the area’s demographics.

How does BuzzHire come into this? 
BuzzHire is an on-demand staffing business that connects workers and jobs in the hospitality and delivery sectors. We have a workforce of riders and delivery drivers in our system ready to go. We have great experience in the grocery delivery world having previously worked with several brands, and consequently have a thorough understanding of challenge 25 and the type of person who will help a brand succeed in this highly competitive market.

If you have any questions regarding grocery delivery services please give us a call on 020 3868 8628.

Or if you want to sign up with us, either head to our website or download the BuzzHire app.