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5 reasons to be a bartender

February 22, 2022 / Admin

Do you hate the idea of a 9-5? Struggling to find a job that suits you? Well, keep reading…a flexible schedule, no limitations, interesting people, highly paid shifts including tips on top! Find out why bartending is an interesting career path. Could it be the next job on your CV? 


Hospitality jobs are very flexible when it comes to commitment and time. Bartending is a great way to make money either in your spare time or as a more permanent role, whether you’re a student, working part time or looking after your kids. It’s also a role you can do anywhere, be it all over London or jet setting around the world, meaning you can travel whilst earning money and aren’t tied down to anything, including a desk. 

Hourly Pay

The base salary for bartenders is pretty good. In the UK, the average hourly pay is around £13ph based on experience. But the real incentive is tips. You could find yourself going home with £100 a night just from tips, depending on where you work of course. Another bonus is you will most likely be paid on a weekly basis (well at BuzzHire you are!) so there’s no waiting around until the end of the month wondering if you’ll be able to afford to go on that night out or get a well deserved takeaway. 


A big part of hospitality and bartending is being friendly and chatting to others. It’s a great opportunity to meet like minded people, especially fellow colleagues who have similar lifestyles to you. You will also gain valuable social skills which many employers will look for down the line. 


You don’t necessarily need a lot of experience to start working behind the bar but the more experience you have the better opportunities you will be offered. If you show good initiative and are reliable in the workplace, there is a good chance you could move your way up in the hospitality world very quickly.  


The hospitality industry is growing fast and will always be there, meaning there will always be jobs. What about a job in mixology? With this knowledge you could earn even more. Take our mixologist quiz to see if you know your mojitos from your margaritas.

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