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Candidate FAQ's

August 3, 2022 / Admin

With BuzzHire and Berry Recruitment merging we wanted to answer some of your top asked questions. 

What happens to the jobs I am confirmed for on the BuzzWorker app?

All current and upcoming jobs are not affected and you will be able to attend shifts and get paid as usual.

How do I apply for jobs in the future?

Please do continue to apply for roles through the BuzzHire app. In early September we plan to migrate your account to the new Berry Recruitment Jobs app. 

When will I get paid? 

You'll be paid on a weekly basis. Shifts are Monday to Sunday, so you'll be paid the following Friday to your shift. Your payslip will be sent to you via email before payment.

What happens with my holiday pay?

Holiday pay will remain the same during and after the transition between BuzzHire and Berry Recruitment. This will reset as normal at the end of our holiday year which runs from January to December. As a worker you are engaged through Berry Recruitment via BuzzHire, therefore your holiday entitlement and status is unaffected. 

When do I need to download the Berry Recruitment Jobs app?

We will be in touch in early September to invite you to log in to the Berry Recruitment Jobs app.

Will I need to go through the interview process again?

If you are a published worker you will not be asked to carry out the on-boarding process again however in the meantime we encourage you to download the Berry Recruitment Jobs app so you are ready to go!

What are the perks of working with Berry Recruitment? 

Those working through Berry Recruitment are able to take advantage of a whole range of perks! Here are a few examples:

  • 100's of offers & discounts on shops, gym memberships, phone contracts etc
  • 24/7 GP services
  • 40 free training courses
  • Flexible working
  • Apply 24/7
  • Work with expert consultants 
  • Jobs all over the UK
  • Refer a friend scheme

What kind of jobs are there on the Berry Recruitment App? 

There are currently jobs in cleaning, catering & hospitality. Once BuzzHire has fully migrated over to Berry Recruitment National there will be more roles including delivery. 

There are both part time and full time/permanent jobs available on the app.

Download the Berry Recruitment Jobs App 



Should you have any questions or outstanding requirements in the meantime please contact us on 08081750235 or