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Hospitality Trends 2022

May 11, 2022 / Admin

Here are our top 7 trend predictions for the hospitality industry over the remainder of 2022. 


The pandemic has forced people to look into their supply chains and where their food is from. Awareness around carbon footprint has pushed the prospect of sourcing more locally and cutting out the middle men to reduce food miles. 

There is a big thing at the moment about quality and having an understanding of your produce, with some restaurants looking into heritage food. Diners want to know exactly where their food comes from, with local produce proving more popular. With the potential lack of supplies due to Covid and leaving the EU, and the importance of food quality, smaller menus are going to become more popular. It’s all about quality over quantity. 

Ways of working 

Post Covid, rules and ideas around food safety and hygiene have skyrocketed. You can no longer get away with what you thought was acceptable. With hygiene such a big thing now, it has led to the progression of how the workplace runs, one of these being contactless payments with fewer places accepting cash. 

The industry is still facing labour shortages and having big issues with staffing. This means people are moving towards flexible staff to fill in gaps and during peak and busy times. This is going to become more and more popular as it is a quick and easy solution for managers looking for staff last minute.  


Watch out Ramen, there’s a new noodle in town. After ramen took the UK by storm the past few years, it’s all about Udon now. The Udon noodle wasn’t so well-known, up until recently. Koya, the udon specialist based in London, has been making its mark for over 10 years. We are expecting certain restaurants to shift towards this, as not only are they delicious and simple to make but also low in cost for both restaurants and customers. The udon noodle is here to stay. 

Potato milk

Vegan milk alternatives have been around for a while now and continue to be in big demand. From oat milk to almond milk, these aren’t going anywhere any time soon. This leads us to believe that the plant-based milk hype will continue to grow. So say hello to potato milk, the new ‘milk’ on the scene. With its creamy flavor and sustainable credentials, this could be the next big thing! 

Drinks packaging

As we all know, drinks are a huge part of hospitality. When you go out for a meal, let’s be honest, you’re more than likely going to have a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail. But how often do you have a bottle? (Probably more often than we like to admit…). During the pandemic, places saw an increase in waste, not only on food but drinks too, particularly wine when people were buying by the glass. Concerns over sustainability, cost and practicality are pushing the industry to reconsider the packaging of their drinks, including cartons, cans, pouches and kegs. We are also seeing an increase in ready-to-drink cans and bottles of pre-made cocktails on the market. This is definitely an up and coming trend to keep an eye on. 

Vegan cuisine

Vegan food has dominated the industry over recent years with meat alternatives becoming more and more available. With that said, vegan cuisine is slowly progressing into the fine dining and fast food sector. Restaurants are adding more plant-based options to their menus, for example, the McPlant which made a debut in McDonalds at the end of last year. Hot on its tail and new to the industry is the vegan fast food brand ‘Ready Burger’, with a similarly priced menu to McDonalds.


The CBD market has had a rise in interest over the last couple of years due to the ongoing demand for healthy foods and its claims to have mental health and wellness benefits. However, in the last couple of months CBD has been making an appearance in restaurants and bars, particularly in cocktails. This is definitely something fine dining restaurants are going to explore and will be seen on the market more and more. 

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