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The benefits of booking staff with BuzzHire!

February 24, 2022 / Admin

Are you looking for flexible hospitality and delivery staff on demand? Our aim is to make booking staff as simple and easy as possible. Find out how!

Book 24/7

You are able to book staff whenever you need. We specialise in providing last minute hospitality and delivery staff. 

Easy to use

The booking and rebooking process is simple and easy to follow. You can do this from your phone, tablet or desktop, wherever you are. Please see the booking steps below. 

Pay for workers by the shift 

There is no commitment to hiring staff for a certain period of time. With BuzzHire you pay per shift with no nasty hidden fees. 

GPS tracking 

With our technology we have access to real-time GPS tracking of our workers. You will be notified when your worker is on the way, their ETA updates and clock in and out times. 

Advanced machine learning algorithms 

Our advanced machine learning algorithms match your job with the very best staff available. Our technology is able to select workers based on their ratings and previous feedback. 

Dynamic pricing 

We provide a dynamic pricing option to help you attract the best workers for the job. 


How to book workers

  1. Select the role you are looking for

  2. Enter the date and time of the shift

  3. Choose how many workers you need

  4. Provide the postcode of the booking

  5. Provide any extra information for the workers e.g. dress code, finding the building, specific certifications 

  6. Provide information for BuzzHire e.g. specific person, screening questions 

  7. You will then be given a price breakdown

  8. Choose your payment method to confirm your booking


Finding flexible staff has never been this easy! Book your 5* workers now!


If you have any questions send us a message on our chat feature below or check out our knowledge base! Alternatively give us a call on 020 8368 8628.