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Top 5 Skills To Succeed In Hospitality

May 30, 2022 / Admin

Working in hospitality can be very rewarding but also very demanding. To work in hospitality, you don’t necessarily need to have previous work experience but if you believe you have the following 5 interpersonal skills, you’ll go far in the industry. Developing your skills is an ongoing process, the more you experience, the better you will do. 


Communicating professionally and clearly is essential to good customer service. Communication isn’t just how you speak to clients or colleagues, but also your ability to listen to their needs and show interest. Active listening can either make or break how smoothly things run and work together with your team. Talking regularly to your colleagues and boss ensures everyone is getting what they need. 


Initiative means being proactive and actively responding to your customers’ needs. You’ll need to rely on your instincts and knowledge to deal with tasks that may be unfamiliar, you can’t just sit around waiting for someone to tell you your every move. For example, you work in a restaurant and someone comes in with a nut allergy, they ask if a certain dish contains nuts but you are unsure. To show initiative you could say you’ll go and double check with the chef for them. This shows willingness to go above and beyond and that you know how to do your job to a high level. 


Everyone likes a friendly face when they’re being served, remember this can also be the make or break for a tip as well. If you go in with a positive attitude, you’re more likely to get more out of your role and it will be more enjoyable for you and everyone around you. 


Being able to adapt in the fast paced hospitality industry is key. Every day is different. New customers, who you work with may vary and even where you work. You’re going to face challenges, different scenarios and if you can’t keep up with change and adapt to new things then you are going to fall behind and not succeed to the highest level. 


The industry can be tough. You need to have a thick skin, especially when it comes to handling clients, as some can be rather demanding. It can also be quite stressful at times, especially when places are busy. You need to fight through any challenges and not give up. If you stick with it though, hospitality is a really rewarding profession. 

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