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Try before you hire.

November 3, 2021 / Admin

Hire in a hurry and regret at leisure.

Hiring hospitality staff when there’s a shortage of candidates… It’s a dilemma that many companies are facing post-pandemic, and with the effects of Brexit kicking in.

Most organisations will have reverted to usual channels of recruitment only to find that responses to job ads are much lower than normal.

One of the outcomes of this shortage of candidates is for companies to ‘hire in a hurry’ and ‘regret at leisure’. Companies are hiring the first available candidate rather than seeing several candidates and making a properly informed recruitment decision.

The consequences are often more disruptive than not hiring at all, with other employees being disillusioned by incompetence or staff with the wrong attitude being hired. The knock-on effects can’t be overstated as a poorly motivated or overworked team can quickly decide to move on themselves.

BuzzHire recognises this predicament and has developed a methodology for its clients to try before they hire for FREE, staff who have demonstrated the right skills and attitude over a few weeks to fit into a team.

· FREE temp to perm
· 340 hours
· Try before you hire

What can you expect from our workers?
We want to make sure you are getting the best quality workers for the job. Our hiring process ensures our workers are:
· Vetted
· Skill Tested
· Right to work

Each worker goes through an interview process so we can assess their skills set and verify their employment history. We ensure all our workers have the right to work in the UK, checking any accreditation documentation before they are signed up.

If you’re interested in temp to perm and want to find out more, please give us a call on 020 3868 8628 or visit our website to sign up. Alternatively, if you are looking for temporary staff, sign up to the BuzzHire app today and publish your first booking.